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Best Computer repair course in Cameroon

Sagicam International offers you Computer repair course in Cameroon. With Sagicam’s Computer repair classes, we teach you how to you keep the PC from requiring a huge amount of cleaning? A few significant undertakings ought to be consistently on the upkeep agenda of your work area or PC. Here is an agenda for PC support, check what is on it and play out these errands to keep your PC in great condition. This device can refresh framework documents, eliminate undesirable records and discover copy records. Join the best computer repair institute in Cameroon. In our computer repair classes, we equally offer other interesting courses like CSS Development Course, WordPress development course, JavaScript developmentHTML development course and even web development course.

Best Computer Maintenance training Yaoundé

if your PC is confronting an issue or you don’t know how to make changes to the equipment. Sagicam Best Computer maintenance training in Yaounde Cameroon provides you with a full understanding of your PC’s performance in the computer repair course.  In the event that PC upkeep isn’t in the correct hands, it is left to risk whether the organization is giving PC uphold. There can be issues whenever and it can rely upon various individuals. So register now to the Best Computer repair school in Cameroon. Why not get an additional Expert training in Digital marketing and  Search Engine Optimization which are great marketing tools for a business.

The Cheapest Computer repair school in Cameroon

Without customary upkeep, your PC hardware won’t keep going as long and will require substitution as opposed to fix. Try not to stress, the best 5 apparatuses beneath can deal with different support errands, so you don’t need to stress over keeping up your PC. Residue and earth are the most widely recognized guilty parties, and they will expect you to fix your moderate PC to return to execution. Sagicam institute of technology is the cheapest computer repair school in Cameroon Yaoundé. Do not forget to get Laravel development course at Sagicam computer training school.

Best school for computer repairs course in Cameroon

Sagicam Institute of Technology is the best school for computer repairs classes and training in Cameroon, Yaounde. Join Sagicam Institute ,the easiest institute for computer repairs in Cameroon to become certified in computer maintenance. the off chance that you are a normal home PC client and utilize your PC just a single time or two times per week, you ought to play out your support schedule each day of the week. Here and there a basic fix or ordinary upkeep is adequate, however now and then a PC needs the administration of a certified professional. Sagicam Institute, the best computer repair school in Cameroon provides support tips for electronic gadgets to make you properly understand the core concepts in computer maintenance and make you a certified professional. Become a certified computer repairer, or computer maintenance technician, in the best computer repair school in Cameroon. Sagicam Institutes professionals train you to understand the Windows upkeep tips, PC support tips so you don’t get stalled by PC issues at home. While studying computer repairs, it is also advisable to study Computer Networking because the two works together

Easy computer repair & hardware maintenance classes in Cameroon

Iobit Advanced System Care is an incredible instrument that you need in your tool kit that permits you to run your PC quicker. This free PC upkeep apparatus incorporates various devices to upgrade your framework, for example, WinOptimizer and Windows Update Toolkit. Additionally remembered for the winOptIMizer is the likelihood to defragment your hard circle and enhance the startup cycle.

In the Start region of your PC you will discover significant things to check during ordinary support of your PC, for example, hard plate, hard circle, memory and hard plate.

Support of programming can be confused, yet probably the most straightforward approaches to keep up your framework is to perform normal upkeep on your PC, for example, hard plate, memory and hard circle. In the event that you have to accomplish routine work to maintain your home in control, you additionally need to do intermittent “specialized work” to keep your PC running. There are various significant upkeep assignments you can do to spare your PC issues and guarantee that it generally conveys the best presentation. Standard upkeep on a PC is an extraordinary method to advance your PC’s well being, speed, and execution, and it is additionally a significant piece of a decent PC support plan. You might also be interested in our Microsoft office package which consists of Microsoft word, Microsoft publisher, Microsoft excel and Microsoft PowerPoint

Preventive upkeep of programming typically incorporates cleaning, filtering, and cleaning antivirus programs, just as reinforcements to let loose plate space and RAM. PC cleaning instruments can be utilized to clean the hard circle, memory, hard drives, hard drives and different pieces of your PC to guarantee that your PC stays quick and garbage free. Sagicam also offers courses on desktop application development and mobile application development.

A particular PC support instrument makes it a drop in the bucket to keep your framework fit as a fiddle. With a single tick of a catch, PC Tune – Up ™ examines the library for divided records, unites them, eliminates them to fix moderate PCs, and improves the exhibition of your PC securely and significantly. Like most PC analyzers here, it tidies up records and envelopes that you don’t require, remedies blunders on your hard drive and cleans the Windows vault. Do not miss the PHP development course and Graphic Design Classes at Sagicam.

By keeping your PC in decent shape, you set aside time and cash and you will be happy you did it. Ordinary PC support guarantees ideal execution, however can likewise essentially broaden the life of a PC. By setting aside the effort to perform essential PC upkeep, you can guarantee that your machine performs at its best and expands the life of your gadget over the long haul.

Course Features

  • Lesson 1: Introducing Hardware
  • Lesson 2: How Hardware and Software Work Together
  • Lesson 3: Understanding the Boot Process and Command Line
  • Lesson 4: Electricity and Power Supplies
  • Lesson 5: The Motherboard
  • Lesson 6: Supporting Windows 9x
  • Lesson 7: identify the names, locations, purposes, and contents of major system files
  • Lesson 8: Understanding and Installing Windows 2000 and Windows NT
  • Lesson 9: Managing and Troubleshooting Windows 2000
  • Lesson 10: Installing and Using Windows XP Professional
  • Lesson 11: Identify basic concepts and procedures for creating, viewing, and managing disks directories and files.
  • Lesson 12: Managing and Supporting Windows XP
  • Lesson 13: Troubleshooting and Maintenance Fundamentals

In the computer repair course, Have a glance at a full outline of the lessons involved with the PC Maintenance course. It is an added advantage for you to enroll in Sagicam’s Office Automation courses at computer training school.





A computer containing accumulated dust and debris may not run properly. Dust and debris will accumulate as a result of air cooling. Any filters used to mitigate this need a regular service.

What Will I Learn?

  • Become a dynamic computer maintenance technician You will be able to start earning money from your computer repair skills. You will be able to add Computer repair to your CV

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PC Hardware Course?

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Configuring PC Desktop Operating System Course?

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Networking Fundamentals Course?

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PC Support and Troubleshooting Course?

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