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Sagicam Institute of technology is the best computer networking school in Cameroon, we provide the best computer networking course for our students. Computer networking or a computer network can be referred to as a group of computers sharing a common protocol, for the purpose of sharing resources. At the best computer networking school in Cameroon (Sagicam Institute of Technology) we provide you with the best practical information, to make a you a certified computer network specialist in no time at all. Our Tutors are the best in Cameroon with many years of experience. We offer a lot of benefits as you also get engage in Microsoft PowerPoint course and Graphic Design Classes.

The Cheapest Computer networking class

In our Computer training school we also offer the best computer networking course in Cameroon, our networking course is cheap and very affordable. We offer cheapest computer networking class in Cameroon. Computer networking is a growing trend in the economy, to foster this and provide jobs for many youngsters we decided to make our courses affordable. Join our Office Automation Course now to have access to our Microsoft Access Class, an interesting Database Management Software and why not our excellent Microsoft Publisher class and Microsoft Word Course.

The Best Computer Training School in Cameroon

Sagicam Institute of Technology is recognized as the Best Computer Training School in Cameroon. Our Institute is made up of the best computer training professionals in Cameroon. The information below is a brief overview of some concepts in computer networking. We have interesting courses which are important for marketing and making your business to be known worldwide. We also have web development courses like Laravel development course, PHP development course and  HTML Development Course are also available for you at Sagicam’s computer training school.

Brief Overview of our Computer networking course

The PC organize has been creating for a long time, however the development of the Internet has seen an enormous increment in the quantity of PCs and their associations with one another. The capacity to interface PCs to shape an Internet that is a system of systems has hugely affected our lives. It should be at the back of your mind that you should not miss Microsoft Excel class  ,CodeIgniter development course and CSS development course

r Networking Course

WAN (Wide Area Network) is a significant PC organize that traverses an enormous topographical territory. WAN can cover huge territories or even the entire world with an Internet association, however what is preposterous are different kinds of PC systems. LAN (Local Area Network) can interface PCs inside a characterized physical space to associate one system to another. We also offer courses like Web development, Mikrotik networking course and Desktop App Development Course. A case of a LAN would be a retail location that can’t interface with an individual in another nation since it depends on versatile gadgets while one of the systems is associated with another yet is certainly not a remote system. It can associate PCs across mainland’s and spread a bigger region, even whole universes, without an Internet association. Done reading? Microsoft PowerPoint Course is so cheap and available. Endeavor to enroll in our mazing courses such as JavaScript development and Computer repair Course. Contact our Twitter page for greater exploit.

Sagicam Institute of Technology also has some important courses for the business world especially those involved in online business. Such courses include Digital Marketing and Search engine Optimization

Course Features

Our Computer training school course consist of the following features:-We offer a lot of benefits as you also get engage in Microsoft PowerPoint course and Graphic Design Classes.

  • Lesson 1: Describe the major computer networks components. For more information, contact our YouTube channel.
  • Lesson 2: Describe how Internet works
  • Lesson 3: Understand the OSI and Internet layers
  • Lesson 4: Understand the application layer
  • Lesson 5: Understand how HTTP, FTP, Email, Web, and DNS work. Our Facebook page is also available for more info.
  • Lesson 6: Understand the transport layer
  • Lesson 7: Understand TCP, and UDP
  • Lesson 8: Understand how to build reliability in protocols
  • Lesson 9: Describe the network layer
  • Lesson 10: Describe IPv4
  • Lesson 11: Understand routing and routing algorithms
  • Lesson 12: Understand data link layer protocols
  • Lesson 13: Know various aspects about computer networks security. Mobile Application development course is also available at our computer training school for your skill improvement. You can as well take on our WordPress development development and  Web Design course.


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